Doing Business With DST

The DST Global Procurement organization is committed to the suppliers and communities which DST serves. Through programs such as the Supplier Diversity program, we enhance the competitiveness of our supplier base while increasing opportunities for diverse suppliers.

We are the organization within all of DST for suppliers to conduct discussions and transact business. We are committed to:

  1. Fair dealing and transparency. We adhere to and ensure compliance with laws governing the industries we serve. We conduct business with the highest level of ethical standards and fairness. We ensure that we source and procure goods and services strategically from qualified suppliers who can meet our needs related to quality, delivery, timing, innovation, scalability, business strategy, and cost.
  2. Best-in-class functionality. We facilitate best practices necessary for supply chain effectiveness and efficiency. We continually work to improve our policies, processes, procedures, and technology.
  3. Building strong supplier relationships. We seek key supplier relationships (not vendors) that serve both parties’ interests. We believe in the ability of all our suppliers to add value in addition to cost-savings and other efficiencies. Our suppliers must have operational excellence, powerful capabilities, flexible management, streamlined processes/activities, comprehensive reporting, and robust customer service methodologies.
  4. Creating a collaborative environment. We maximize collaborative activities with suppliers through our Supplier Management practice including quarterly business reviews and mentoring of suppliers’ development.
  5. Continuously discuss innovation with our suppliers. Our suppliers must have a willingness to invest in and share technology enhancements.
  6. Governing the relationship with our suppliers. We will guide our suppliers through the DST organization and ensure a balanced approach to serving our clients’ needs.

Thank you to our current suppliers for your outstanding performance and continued support. Please visit eSupplier, our supplier portal on a regular basis. To potential suppliers, thank you for your interest in doing business with DST. Please contact us to discuss your capabilities. To diverse suppliers, please let us know about your business enterprise through our Diverse Supplier registration portal.

Jeff Dixon
Chief Procurement Officer